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Grand Daddy Purple Regular Seeds (10 Pack)


Grand Daddy Purple Regular Seeds (10 Pack)


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Grand Daddy Purple is as indica as it gets and the plants are absolutely amazing on a number of levels. It also took the top honour at the 2006 Cannabis World Cup.

Ken’s winning streak continues with two more winning strains in the last several years. In short, this is a man who knows his Cannabis and we are delighted to quite literally pass the fruit of his labours on to our valued customers. Anyone who is remotely considering ordering these seeds needs to act quickly as all expectations are the they will be popular and quite possibly in short supply as time goes on.

The indica genetics of these plants keeps them short and tight with very little lateral branching. It is possible to grow a lot in a small space so tight grow rooms are actually ideal environments to give a go to Grand Daddy Purple. They grow well in closets and on shelves and they lend themselves well to methods like SOG and ScrOG. In fact, these specialised methods are reported to provide the best results in overall yield but quality is consistent across growing methods. The plants finish after 77 days on average and can be harvested immediately once they reach full maturity.

Outdoor growers will also have a great experience with these seeds. The plants are small and inconspicuous and they stand up well to all kinds of weather conditions, although they don’t particularly care for drastic temperature differences between night and day. In the Northern hemisphere it is advisable to grow these plants during the warmest months of Summer and plan to harvest by the end of September.


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