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Phantom Cookies Regular Seeds (10 Pack)


Phantom Cookies Regular Seeds (10 Pack)


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Where to start about this strain…
An investment in these seeds is not just an investment in a souvenir or a pretty plant or even a cash crop. It’s all of those things but it’s also much more. Growing Phantom cookies regular is a singularly indulgent experience. The plants are so captivatingly beautiful that there is the distinct danger of not wanting to harvest them.
So what’s all the fuss about? Imagine a strain of cannabis that presents with two brilliant shades of green with buds that grow gorgeous golden hairs. Now add to that picture a distinct touch of purple that wisps its way throughout the entire plant. These plants quite literally look magical, like something out of a fantasy novel.
Still need more reasons to have a go at these seeds? The most popular description of the flavour of Phantom Cookies is, as the name implies, just like cookie dough. The sweetness is accented by the sticky feel of the entire plant and the ease of the draw. This is one of the smoothest smokes around and the effect is wonderfully relaxing with virtually no side effects or hangover.
Members of the medical marijuana community love this strain. It is said to have superior stress-relieving capabilities and is an effective pain reliever and sleep aid. It’s a 65/35 sativa/indica blend that provides a nicely balanced, moderate effect.
The plants grow medium to tall making them good for greenhouse growing and indoor soil setups with high ceilings. They aren’t overly stretchy but do need to be evenly lighted to maximise strong vegetative growth. A strong plant is essential for supporting all the delicious bud that it will produce. Treat these plants well and they will return the favour nicely.


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