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Suzy Q (High CBD) Feminised Seeds (10 Pack)


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Suzy Q (High CBD) Feminised Seeds (10 Pack)


Out of stock

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Suzy Q is a wonderful strain from Burning Bush which is famous for its phenomenal CBD:THC ratio, an astonishing 59:1. The strain was created by the good people at Project CBD in Santa Rosa, CA.

This strain is perfect for those who are in need of serious medical relief without all of the mind bending side effects of the THC. Strains which are higher in CBD have a wide variety of medicinal uses. Suzy Q can be used to treat chronic pain, diabetes, bacterial disease, nausea, seizures, arthritis, cancer, PTSD, anxiety, psoriasis, muscle spasms, bone loss and Alzheimer’s.

The flavour and scent of the strain are piney and fresh with just a hint of the ever popular strain Trainwreck. Suzy Q will grow relatively dense buds which are coloured green and coated in tiny dark orange hairs. If you want to ensure the highest levels of CBD possible the strain should be harvested a little earlier. It has been proven that CBD levels in cannabis plants are at their highest a week earlier than THC.

Suzy Q comes in its feminised form which means it will only grow into female plants. Feminised seeds are primarily popular amongst growers who have no plans to grow their own crops. However they can also be used by more experienced breeders. It is possible, but difficult, to breed using exclusively female plants.

The female must be treated in a way which causes her to release a feminised pollen, much like the male pollen. This is then used to fertilise another female plant and the resulting seeds will also be feminised. Feminised seeds are also higher in quality and in uniformity than regular seeds. Regular crops will usually grow into a split of males and females, this is where the issue for growers comes in. Males usually have to be removed before the flowering process to ensure the safety of the females. This means that around half of the crop, and so half of the money spent on it, will be wasted.

This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. It has a flowering time of around 10 weeks and should be harvested in early October.


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Suzy Q (High CBD) Feminised Seeds

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