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Wonder Woman Feminised Seeds (10 Pack)


Wonder Woman Feminised Seeds (10 Pack)


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Nirvana Seeds Wonder Woman is a high-producing Skunk variety recently developed by this breeder. It brings to the table a diverse offering of new genetics which together make it possible for these plants to produce well over 550 g of high-quality buds per square metre. Wonder woman is a great choice for indoor growers and, at a scant 8-10 weeks of flowering time, makes for a very heavy and fast return on investment in these seeds. The buds are very tight and hard and they cure and store exceptionally well.

The plants grow to a medium height and can be a little stretchy and bushy. They respond well to all popular grow methods and show increased yields when grown using hydroponic methods. Outdoors, the natural elements also work well in its favour allowing for comparable harvests, especially when given a bit of space to stretch. Harvest time in the Northern hemisphere is late September to early October.

Wonder Woman provides the typical rich flavour for which the best Skunk strains are well known. They also carry the signature aroma so be sure your grow space is well ventilated. This is not a strain suitable for stealth growers. This girl makes her presence known quite adequately. The effect it delivers is immediate and long-lasting and is typical of any Skunk variety cannabis.

These feminised seeds do make a great start point for those just embarking on their first journey into cannabis seed cultivation. They allow a generous margin of error with little sacrifice of yield or quality. Feminised seeds are easier to grow in general and make for both early and rapid success that translates into valuable experience and great rewards for the grower. They are well worth the investment and can even reward with multiple harvests when given a long growing season and the right conditions.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries – please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.


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